Total War and Pixar Talks Added to GDC 2013

The companies will talk about engine creation and story development

The organizers of the Game Developers Conference announce that they have added two new talks to the line-up of the event that takes place between March 27 and 29 in San Francisco.

James Russell, the lead game designer on the Total War series at The Creative Assembly, will give a talk called Designing Grand Strategy: Making the Mechanics of Total War, says VG247.

It will include information on “realism, simulation versus game rules, mystery versus clarity, decisions and counterpoint, gameplay depth versus micromanagement, gameplay system dynamics, and more.”

Rome 2 will be launched late during 2013.

Matthew Luhn, a Pixar representative, will talk about The 5 Key Plot Points to Creating a Great Story.

Luhn has contributed to movies like Monsters Inc. and Up and will offer information on how the company has created stories and characters.

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