Total War: Rome II Might Only Include Eight Factions

The developers have only revealed the Romans so far

The Creative Assembly has unveiled a new faction hub for Total War: Rome II and the design of the new site suggests that the strategy game will only include another seven civilizations for players to enjoy.

This is certainly an upgrade over the original Rome, which initially only allowed gamers to select from the Roman factions and compete for power.

The game then unlocked another eight factions, Greek Cities, Egypt, Seleucid Empire, Carthage, Gaul, Germania, Britannia and Parthia.

There were more factions in the game, which could be unlocked via mods.

The Creative Assembly has not confirmed the number of civilizations included in Total War: Rome II, but the company says that Roman, Greek and Near East cultures will be represented, each of them with their approach to the military, politics and civic advancement.

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