Total War: Rome 2 Reveals Macedonian Faction

They will focus on land power and good administrators

The developers at The Creative Assembly working on Total War: Rome 2 are revealing yet another faction that’s going to be part of the game, the Macedonians that represent Greece’s best hope for renewed glory.

Macedonia is a traditional political construct, with the monarch at the top of the hierarchy and smaller leaders chosen based on abilities in either administration or war.

The official description states, “Macedon’s armies remain set on the pattern developed by Phillip II and Alexander, focusing primarily on infantry and cavalry, and led by heroic commanders. Little has changed in terms of tactics, technology or siegecraft since the glory days, with a continuation of Alexander’s hoplite reforms and reliance on the famed Companion and Thessalian cavalry.”

Macedon will have to look to subject states and allies, like Athens and Rhodos, to create and maintain a fleet but the faction also does better when fighting other Greek states and gets a bonus against so called barbarians.

Total War: Rome 2 will be available in the fall of this year exclusively on the PC.

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