Total War: Rome 2 Getting Second Patch as Beta Update on Monday, September 9

Improvements to the game's performance, its low-quality models, and more are included

After launching a big first update for Total War: Rome 2, developer The Creative Assembly has confirmed that a second patch is set to be released as a beta on Monday, September 9, and that it will fix the low quality models, while solving issues regarding the game's performance on certain systems.

Total War: Rome 2 was released at the beginning of the week worldwide on PC but, unfortunately for quite a few players, they encountered massive performance problems even if their computers were more than able to run the demanding strategy game.

After a first patch yesterday that's supposed to fix quite a few things, a second update will be rolled out on Monday, September 9.

According to the developer, the patch will be released as a beta download and includes fixes for the low quality models that can be viewed up close, as well as improvements for the game's performance on certain computers, and better siege battle pathfinding for units.

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