Total War: Rome 2 Gets New Video, Teutoburg Screenshots

Players get to see the massacre of two Roman legions

The developers at The Creative Assembly are giving fans of their Total War strategy series a chance to look at two new screenshots taken from the upcoming Rome 2 by way of a new video that also offers information on the soundtrack of the title.

The Teutoburg Forest battle has seen two legions led by Varus ambushed and wholly destroyed by a force of Germanic tribes, one of the biggest military defeats of the Empire.

The two screenshots show a lush, deep forest that’s very different from the Carthaginian areas that The Creative Assembly has revealed before for Rome 2.

The team also talks about and offers a sample from the new Total War soundtrack, that’s created by composer Richard Beddow.

Rome 2 is set to launch exclusively on the PC in October of this year.

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