Total War Artist Wants Higher Prices for Mobile Games

Better titles would benefit from an increase in price introduced by the publishers

Nick Farley, the senior artist working at The Creative Assembly on the Battles series, says that clones are dominating the mobile game space at the moment and that innovation is needed to deliver higher quality titles, which is impossible because of the low price point.

The developer tells that, “I don’t think it can even support games selling for 79p. When I was first buying games for my Atari 800 XL 8-bit computer the cheapest game you could get was £1.99, and that was 1984 or something.”

He adds, “This is personal, and I don’t represent Sega by saying this but I think we’re devaluing our product by selling it so cheaply. We’re devaluing the experience, and we’re dumbing down the experience.”

The current higher price of Total War: Battles Shogun is a reflection of the quality it offers, says the artist.

It’s not clear what game the mobile team The Creative Assembly is working on at the moment.

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