Torchlight 2 Sells 1 Million Units During 2012

The action role-playing game faced tough competition

Video game developer Runic Games says that its action role-playing game Torchlight 2 has managed to sell more than 1 million units during 2012, after coming out in the final days of September exclusively on the PC.

The official Twitter message from Runic Games states: “We had an amazing 2012, and proud to say that #Torchlight2 has sold over 1 million units! Thank you! Happy New Year's Eve everyone :)”

The sequel seems to have done worse than the first game up to this point, presumably because the game failed to generate the same amount of interest among the general public.

Torchlight 2 has also faced strong competition from Diablo 3, which was launched earlier during 2012 and is still receiving plenty of support from developer Blizzard.

At the moment, gamers can get Torchlight 2 on Steam for 75 percent of the original price.

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