Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy Might Not Generate Profit, Says Square Enix

The company is focusing on social games that yield constant profit

Yoichi Wada, the chief executive officer at publisher Square Enix, says that for at least two more years, his company will focus on creating successful social games as it waits to see another big sales hit on home consoles.

The executive is quoted by Siliconera as saying, “In HD games, we usually have a mixture of profitable and unprofitable titles, generating profit as a whole.”

“As for our Social Gaming & Others, we only have very few titles that are unprofitable,” he adds.

Square Enix is preparing to launch a rebooted Tomb Raider, the new MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and The Lightning Returns chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII saga.

Apparently, none of them will be directly profitable.

During 2013, Square Enix is expected to also reveal Thief 4 and another set of games based on both the Unreal Engine and Luminous.

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