Tomb Raider Will Not Have Season or Online Pass

The team wants to keep the multiplayer open for all players

The development team at Crystal Dynamics says that it has no plans to introduce a Season or an Online Pass for the upcoming Tomb Raider because the team wants the game experience to be available for the entire fan base at the same cost.

Karl Stewart, the global brand manager for Tomb Raider, states via Twitter that, “Reading some of your comments/questions about @tombraider multiplayer. Just so were all on the same page, there's no Season or Online Pass.”

It’s unclear whether the team at Crystal Dynamics plans to have long-term support for the game via new downloadable content packs and regular multiplayer events.

The core story of the new Lara Croft adventure will see her explore a mysterious island and turning into the fearless explorer that fans already know.

The game will be launched on March 5 on the PlayStation 3, the PC and the Xbox 360.

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