Tomb Raider Will Get Japanese Voice Over and Subtitle Pack on Steam

The game is also set to get extra single and multiplayer content

It seems that the development team at Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix are getting ready to launch a new downloadable content pack for their recently launched Tomb Raider, which will add full Japanese voice work and subtitles to the adventure.

The new pack will presumably be launched on Steam on April 25, when the game will be available on the Japanese market.

A poster on NeoGAF says that the voices and subtitles were initially available in the Steam version of the game, but they were taken out via a patch.

It will apparently cost about 30 dollars or Euro for those players who want to get it outside of Japan.

The rebooted Tomb Raider managed to impress critics when it was launched and has also done well commercially.

Despite solid sales, Square Enix is still on track for a loss in the most recent quarter.

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