Tomb Raider Reboot Gets Full-Lenght Gameplay and Story Trailer

Check out some impressive footage from the upcoming action game

The 2012 Video Game Awards saw the presentation of a variety of prizes but also the release of many different game trailers, including a special one for Tomb Raider, which features not just fresh gameplay footage but also some special story moments.

The Tomb Raider reboot promises to showcase a young and more inexperienced version of Lara Croft that's less about raiding tombs and more about surviving on a grueling island filled with savages.

We already got to admire some impressive screenshots earlier this week and now a full fledged trailer has been revealed during the 2012 VGAs, complete with a live orchestra that supplied the soundtrack for the touching video.

Check out the portion of the show with the impressive Tomb Raider trailer below, via GameTrailers.

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