Tomb Raider Reboot Gets 11-Minute Gameplay Video

Check out the impressive survival action game in action ahead of its release

The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has just received a brand new 11-minute gameplay video, which shows off how the overhauled version of protagonist Lara Croft tackles different environments, various enemies, and uses all sorts of tools, including guns and a bow.

The new Tomb Raider game reimagines the series by delivering a more survival-oriented experience, as Lara Croft, which is now a younger and less experienced explorer, gets shipwrecked on an island filled with all sorts of mercenaries and other dangers.

In order to show off the different type of gameplay, developer Crystal Dynamics has just released a pretty lengthy 11-minute video in which Lara takes on various enemies while exploring the island in order to find her friend.

There are also plenty of cinematic sequences and even a very gruesome death for the attractive explorer.

The video, besides showcasing plenty of encounters, firefights, and other such moments, also features commentary from one of the developers so check it out above.

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