Titanfall Doesn't Have Single-Player Because No One Would Play It, Dev Says

The game focuses on multiplayer because that's where players spend most time

Respawn Entertainment took the decision to not add any sort of single-player element to its upcoming Titanfall because no one would play it or even finish it, so it made no sense to invest in such a portion of the game.

Titanfall was one of the most impressive games demonstrated at E3 2013, with the new multiplayer shooter from Respawn and EA coming, at least for now, on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Respawn took the decision to make the game multiplayer only because, according to studio head Vince Zampella, the single-player campaign would either be too small and players would have complained, or it would've been too long and no one would have finished it.

Instead, the studio focused purely on the multiplayer as that's where players invest the most time, according to Zampella, who talked with GamesIndustry.

Titanfall is expected to appear in the first few months of 2014.

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