Titanfall DLC Modes Will Be Free, Double XP Weekends Coming Soon

The first proper add-on is in the works, so expect to hear more soon enough

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the different new gameplay modes that will appear for the multiplayer first-person shooter will be free for all players to download, so that the user base isn't splintered.

Titanfall launched earlier this month and delivered a great shooter experience with a huge variety of maps but, unfortunately for some, there were just five different game modes, which got a bit old.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that new gameplay modes are coming as downloadable content, and now co-founder Vince Zampella has revealed on Twitter that the new game types will be free for all Titanfall owners to download.

Respawn has apparently decided on this so that the community isn't splintered between those who have the regular game and play on its standard modes and those who got the DLC and want to enjoy those new types.

Zampella has confirmed that the DLC is "in the works" but it's not quite done, so no announcements just yet.

Last but not least, the executive has also said that double XP weekends will be organized for players, but once again he declined to say just when that might happen.

As such, expect to hear more about Titanfall's add-ons soon enough.

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