Titanfall Beta Servers on PC and Xbox One Back Online, New Codes Coming

Microsoft fixed its Azure cloud issue and things should be operational

After quite a few hours in which the Titanfall beta servers were down due to a problem on Microsoft's end for both the PC and the Xbox One platforms, developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that they're all coming back online so multiplayer action should resume soon.

Titanfall offers an online first-person shooter experience and, as with any multiplayer title, it's heavily reliant on the support servers.

Unfortunately, once the beta stage on the PC and Xbox One kicked into full gear, those servers crashed as apparently it was a problem with Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure.

Now, after a few hours of inactivity, the servers are coming back online, according to a Twitter update.

Given that the beta is once again underway, expect more codes to appear for those who registered to try out the game.

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