Titanfall Beta Runs at 792p Resolution on Xbox One, Could Increase at Launch

Respawn highlights that a 900p native resolution can be achieved

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the upcoming Titanfall beta stage will run at a 792p resolution on the Xbox One console, and emphasized that it could increase to around 900p at launch, depending on what other breakthroughs will be registered by the development team.

Titanfall is eagerly awaited by PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 owners worldwide, and on Friday, February 14, a special beta stage will begin on the PC and Xbox One.

While on the PC, owners can play the game at multiple resolutions, on the Xbox One it will be locked at 792p, according to Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe, who talked with Titanfallblog.

Heppe emphasized that the resolution will increase as the team gets close to completing the game ahead of its March launch, so it could end up with a native resolution of around 900p.

Even so, this is still quite shy of the targeted 1080p full HD resolution, and in line with previous reports from January that said the game was encountering performance issues on the Xbox One.

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