Titanfall Beta Confirmed by Retailer to Take Place Between February 14 and 19

The new test phase is all but confirmed by developer Respawn

French retailer Micromania has already set up posters in various stores advertising the upcoming Titanfall beta stage that will take place between February 14 and 19, despite the fact that Respawn Entertainment has not commented on such a thing.

Titanfall is eagerly awaited by millions of gamers across the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms.

After a small alpha test on the Xbox One earlier this month, new rumors started surfacing about a proper beta test in the near future, but developer Respawn quickly emphasized that nothing was official so fans shouldn't get too anxious.

Now, French retailer Micromania, via Xboxygen, has set up posters for Titanfall that advertise the upcoming beta stage and even confirm that it's going to take place between February 14 and 19.

As of yet, however, not much else is known, but expect an official announcement soon enough from Respawn and EA.

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