Tim Schafer Warns Against Close Relationship with Publishers

Double Fine is independent because it faced Brutal Legend problems

Tim Schafer, the leader of Double Fine, says that smaller studios need to make sure they understand that publishers are just businesses and to withhold from getting into a parental relationship with them.

He tells Polygon that, “There’s an illusion that they’re your parents. You think, ‘They’re taking care of me, they’re paying my salary and they love me. They would never let me die, they’ll protect me, because they’re my parents’.”

The developer understands that companies like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts need to make money, but would want to see the terms of the relationship better defined.

Double Fine has chosen to publish its own projects after getting into trouble over Brutal Legend with both EA and Activision.

At the moment, the studio is working on The Cave, to be launched in January, and on its classic adventure that’s expected later in 2013.

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