Tim Schafer Explains Double Fine's Move to Smaller Projects

The team has more freedom than during AAA game creation

Tim Schafer, the leader of developer Double Fine, says that the company has always been interested in making smaller games, but has been scared of working with limited resources.

But after publisher Electronic Arts canceled the Brutal Legend sequel, the team was forced to make the move and has loved its independence ever since.

Talking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Schafer says, “But we control our own destiny. We can choose what we do and what we don’t do. That’s been great.”

Brutal Legend is at the moment available via Steam on the PC and Double Fine might deliver more multiplayer content, based on initial sales.

The team is also seeking to get back control of Stacking and Costume Quest, which were published by the now failing THQ.

Double Fine is working on its Kickstarter-funded classic adventure game project, which should launch during the fall.

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