Thieves Steal 7,000 Nintendo Wii U Consoles from Seattle

The devices were worth around $2.1 million (€1.58 million)

Thieves breached a warehouse owned by an air cargo company in Seattle over the weekend and managed to steal over 7,000 Nintendo Wii U consoles that were worth around $2.1 million (€1.58 million).

The Nintendo Wii U is a hot commodity in lots of areas from around the world, as quite a lot of people want to get their hands on the new console from Nintendo.

Sadly, while the Japanese company is trying to solve any shortages globally, it seems that quite a few stores in Seattle won't be restocking the Wii U anytime soon, as a local warehouse was just looted by thieves on Saturday, December 15, according to ABC News.

The heist happened at night and employees didn't notice it until the following day at noon, when the Wii U consoles were supposed to be loaded into trucks for delivery.

Police representatives say that, while the investigation is ongoing, most likely the thieves will be caught once they try to unload the Wii U consoles, as it's quite hard to get rid of 7,000 devices.

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