Thief Reboot on PC Won't Be a Copy of Console Editions, Dev Promises

Eidos Montreal is paying a lot of attention to the PC version of Thief

Eidos Montreal, the developer of the upcoming Thief reboot, will pay special attention to the PC version of the game as it doesn't want to just make a copy of the console editions.

The new Thief game made by Eidos Montreal is set to appear in 2014 for the PC as well as for next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 or the oft-rumored Xbox 720.

While the studio is certainly paying a lot of attention to the new platforms, this doesn't mean that the PC edition will be neglected.

"No doubt on our side the PC version is extremely important. Just playing Thief with a keyboard and mouse it’s different so we must make sure we support that well. For making the PC version we think like a PC gamer, for consoles it’s a different type of beast. It’s one of our goals to make sure that the PC version isn’t just a copy of the console version," the game's Producer, Stephane Roy, told Strategy informer.

It's going to be interesting to see whether Eidos Montreal actually handles the PC version of Thief, as recent titles published by Square Enix were actually brought to the platform by Nixxes Software.

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