Their Finest Hour Diary: The Polish Adventure

Never try to defend a country without adequate supply

When World War II finally started, I decided to do the only honorable thing that could be done, something that in real life my country has never managed, and send my limited ground forces, no more than three full army groups with 15 divisions to try and slow down the German advance into Poland.

At the same time, I set up my strategic bombing force to try and take some resources and manufacturing away from the Germans, while also running protective air cover over my own territory and the surrounding seas.

My impressive navy also left bases in order to protect shipping lanes in the North Atlantic and to blocked the German fleet in its own ports.

My Polish adventure ended pretty badly because I failed to take into account that the port of Gdansk, the spark for the whole war, was not big enough to support my entire force, which quickly resulted in a couple of fights where my lack of supplies led to defeats.

I then quickly moved to evacuate, which was easy because Germany failed to try and bomb my transports and I had supremacy of the seas, but quick-moving Nazi divisions had already managed to cut off four of my own, which were entirely lost in the Polish hills.

I brought the rest of my battered force back to their mustering areas and set out to produce some more infantry to replace losses, weary of launching any more support actions and wondering what I would do when France was invaded.

Meanwhile, the war effort was proceeding better on the high seas where my Home Fleet quickly caught up with the enemy forces and sank most of them, including Graf Spee, the pride of their fleet.

Poland has not been occupied and I am eagerly waiting to see what the Germany Artificial Intelligence does next with its ground forces.

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