Their Finest Hour Diary: Fighting for Europe

It might be a World War, but the main interest is in the Old World

Germany took Denmark and I was unable to do anything about it, I just watched as the tiny northern country fell to its knees and became yet another base from which either Sweden or Norway could be invaded.

I know that the assault on France will start in the middle of 1940 and I am eager to stop it if I can, as far from Paris as possible.

The French themselves are pretty disorganized, ready to repel assaults on the Maginot Line and on the south but, in a very historical manner, unable to do anything about an attack that comes through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

I now have re-constructed my infantry forces and supplemented them with some mountain divisions and some motorized ones and I am planning to ship them all into France while hoping that their internal supply production is enough to sustain them in the long term.

I will also use my air cover, mainly fighter wings, but also some tactical bombers, to slow down the German divisions while my troops create a solid defensive line.

When the Germans finally come, I seem to have a line in position only to see it pierced in three places rather quickly, while my air support encounters heavy resistance and needs to retreat to repair and refit.

Italy also enters the war and begins to take East Africa over, while I barely hold them in Egypt and some tough battles are fought in the Mediterranean, with my battleships covering themselves in glory as they sink and my carriers sending their own more modern fleet to the bottom.

On French territory I have managed to launch some solid counterattacks that take enemy armor out of the fight for a while and, as we get closer to September and so, to one year since World War II started, the Allies seem to be holding.

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