Their Finest Hour Diary: Battle for the Maginot Line and the Crash

The losses of war are nothing compared to hardware problems

Disaster struck just as I was performing well on the Western Front, pushing back the German war machine in France and even making some inroads into Belgium.

In Egypt I was regretting the decision to withhold reinforcements as my two lonely divisions were forced to abandon Alexandria and try and defend the Suez that was now under Italian threat.

The southern Axis forces also pretty much occupied Eastern Africa with little resistance from my colonial troops and I am dreading the moment when Japan decides that it’s a good idea to take Burma and maybe even India from me.

The biggest future challenge for the British Empire seem to be its sheer size, which makes it hard if not impossible to defeat on all fronts, and the limited capabilities of the various dominions, from Canada to Australia, which seems barely able to handle its own protection.

But, at the moment, I am proud that my mixed force of normal infantry, marines and mountain troops is doing well in Northern France, resisting any assault led by Germany’s Panzers, while hitting back in numbers at soft spots all over the front lines in order to push the Wehrmacht back.

My success is balanced by the inability of my French allies to hold any ground without help, which currently means that they are losing their grip on the Maginot Line and are even unable to make any inroads into Northern Italy, even though they seem to have local superiority in troops.

And then disaster strike, in August 1940, taking the form of a crash to desktop that apparently wipes out at least a few months of warfare.

I will attempt to replicate my successes and then move on to defeating Germany as long as my saved game is not corrupted.

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