The Witness PlayStation 4 Trailer Shows Deep, Beautiful World

Gamers will be able to learn from the world and its puzzles

One of the unique features of the PlayStation 4 will be its extensive support for indie developed video games and Sony has illustrated its plans by offering a new trailer for The Witness, the open-world puzzle title from Jonathan Braid.

The game was announced for the PC a while ago and it will challenge players to explore a mysterious island, solving a number of puzzles in order to reveal story-based details.

Developer Jonathan Blow states, “We work hard to make each communication as clear and interesting as we can. So when you work through a bunch of puzzles in the game, you have also experienced a flow of ideas, presented to you at a high density.”

The Witness will be launched on the PC and iOS-powered devices and will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 during its launch window, although it might then move to several other platforms.

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