The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition’s New Content Gets Presented in New Video

New quests, characters and adventures await Geralt in the upcoming game

CD Projekt Red has just revealed a brand new video for its upcoming The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition role playing game, showing off the array of new content that will be included in this special version, both on the PC and on the Xbox 360 platforms.

The Witcher 2 delivered a top notch experience last year when it arrived on the PC, and now developer CD Projekt Red is working hard on its Enhanced Edition. This brings major improvements to the original, while adding plenty of new content.

In order to really drive the point home about the wealth of features in this new version, the Polish studio has presented a fresh video, in which the array of new things is showcased.

From its new quests filled with all-new characters, to the stunning cinematic introduction we saw earlier this year, everything is unveiled.

Get ready for the release of The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition on April 17, both for the PC and for the Xbox 360. Those who already have the game on the PC will be able to get the Enhanced Edition as a free update.

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