The Wii U Is Uniquely Suited for Rayman Legends

The new console offers a new way of interacting with the game

Chris McEntee, who is a level designer working on the upcoming Rayman Legends, has revealed why the development team has chosen to launch the game exclusively on the upcoming Wii U home console from Nintendo.

Speaking to the Official Nintendo Magazine, the developer stated, “Here you buy the Wii U system, you buy the game, and you can experience all of the content without extras. And we didn’t want to give somebody half of the experience just for the sake of getting it out on another console.”

McEntee is talking about the touchscreen, which will be used for cooperative play, and the gamepad support of the Wii U, which makes it easier to control the game in innovative ways.

A version of Rayman Legends might be launched on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 after the Wii U version is out.

The game is at the moment set to arrive at the end of March 2013.

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