The Walking Dead Episode 5 Now Live on PC via Steam, Xbox 360

The final episode in the adventure series has just been released on all platforms

The fifth and final episode of The Walking Dead - No Time Left - has finally been released across all platforms today, including the PC and Xbox 360, not to mention the PS3, which received it yesterday.

The Walking Dead title from Telltale Games has taken episode storytelling to new heights, managing to keep players hooked on its adventure experience with every single episode.

Now, the last part of the game has finally been released, in the form of The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left,  on the PC, via Steam, and on the Xbox 360, via the Xbox Live Marketplace .

After making all sorts of decisions that impacted both the story and the fate of the characters, players will finally reach the epic conclusion of the adventure game.

What's more, in case you've yet to try it out, The Walking Dead has received a major discount on the PC platform as part of Steam's traditional Autumn sale, so you can pick it up on the cheap.

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