The Walking Dead Episode 5 Arrives on November 20 in the United States

The final episode of the season is called No Time Left

The development team at Telltale Games announces that it will launch Episode 5 of its series The Walking Dead on November 20 in the United States, only on the PlayStation Network service from Sony.

The Twitter announcement also mentions that gamers will then be able to pick it up one day later on the PlayStation Network in Europe, the Xbox Live Arcade service from Microsoft, the PC, the Mac and iOS powered devices.

This is the first time that Telltale Games has managed to coordinate its resources to launch the content at the same time on all platforms, which is mainly because the company wants to avoid player passing spoilers to one another.

The final episode of the first season of The Walking Dead is named No Time Left.

A full retail collection will be launched on home consoles during December.

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