The Showdown Effect Gets Cast Trailer

Gamers can meet the four main characters of the action title

Developer Arrowhead Games and publisher Paradox Interactive are offering fans a new trailer for the upcoming The Showdown Effect, designed to introduce the varied cast of the title.

The main character of the game will be Dutch McClone, an Austrian hero loosely based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is looking for his lost identity.

The supporting cast includes Lance Koboldski, a stereotype ridden cop who is just one day away from retirement, Hailey Skyte, a girl genius who is looking for the man who killed her father, and Shur Foo, a pure fighter focused on his skills and moves.

At the moment, The Showdown Effect is in closed beta stage and gamers can sign up using the official site. The game should be out on the PC before the end of the year.

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