The Secret World Receives Major Changes via New Patch

Funcom wants to make PvP more competitive for gamers

The development team at Funcom says that it has plans to make big changes to its MMO The Secret World in the new update, which is called Big Trouble in Big Apple and is expected to arrive later during November.

When it comes to Player versus Player Warzones, gamers will now get a reward every three minutes based on the objectives that the various factions are holding.

Totals for White Mark of Venice will also be wiped when the update arrives and the ration between the various rewards is also changed.

Those factions that are losing will also get access to a new mission called The Underdogs, which, upon completion, will allow them to benefit from The Custodian, a new special NPC that will fight their enemies and also heal them.

Funcom also promises improvements to matchmaking and gear sourcing for the new Secret World update.

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