The Secret World Issue #5 Delivers Bizarre Weapon and Linked Missions

Players will also be able to replay all puzzle based missions

Video game developer Funcom announces that the upcoming Issue #5 big update for the MMO The Secret World will include a number of new missions linked by a common narrative thread and a surprising new weapon for players to use.

The missions in the new content pack for the MMO involve a new character called Tyler Freeborn, who is a conspiracy theorist who was present on Solomon Island when the Fog got there and is now missing.

For the first time players will need to go into the Fog and learn more about it.

The new auxiliary weapon for The Secret World is bizarre, per the developers’ description, and it will apparently “make the combat experience of The Secret World deeper and even more interesting.”

In Issue #5 all investigation missions also become repeatable, a great idea for those who prefer the puzzles to the combat in The Secret World.

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