The Secret World Drops Monthly Updates, Content Still Coming to the MMO

The team wants to make sure that new events are quality focused

Joel Bylos, the game director working on The Secret World, says that his team will no longer create monthly content updates for the MMO, but that it will continue to support the game and deliver more events for players to experience.

Speaking to Massively, the developer states, “the team was a very different shape and size – I’d prefer to say regular updates and stick to delivering on quality and not worrying about slipping by a week here or there.”

The Secret World was launched during July 2012, aiming to mix traditional MMO mechanics with complex mysteries and puzzles.

Originally, Funcom wanted to update the game every month, which might not be possible considering that the developer fired personnel after smaller than expected sales.

The game is now free-to-play, with gamers only having to pay to get the initial game package.

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