The PlayStation 4 Still Doesn't Have Suspend/Resume Function, Yoshida Explains Why

The prez of SCE Worldwide Studios says that the dev team is the most disappointed party

The PlayStation 4 was launched without the touted feature of Suspend/Resume, which was available on the Xbox One since launch.

Sony mentioned back in November 2013 that the function would be implemented in a subsequent update, but as update over update reached the PlayStation 4’s adopters, the feature was nowhere to be seen.

The Suspend/Resume function would allow users to pause their games and then pick them up right where they left off, even days later. It’s now been seven months, the feature is not available on the console, and there is no projected date for when it should become so.

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has explained why that is in a recent interview with Impress Japan magazine.

"The development team that handles the system software is the most disappointed by the fact that it hasn’t been implemented yet. And so, we keep developing it doing our best. It’s a fact that we haven’t yet done what we hoped to achieve, but continue to develop whilst thinking 'We can do this.' Even if we’re not yet able to announce when it’ll be released," he has revealed.

"We have a list of the features in development and the priorities we aim to achieve with each step of the development process, and so we will continue to gradually offer software updates as soon as we can,” Yoshida has concluded.

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