The Phoenix Project Is City of Heroes Spiritual Successor

The game will use the same superhero-based template

A new development team formed around Missing Worlds Media is announcing that its first video game project is a new MMO called The Phoenix Project, which is supposed to be a spiritual successor to City of Heroes.

The original superhero-powered MMO, which received extensive support and a City of Villains expansion, was closed down in November 2012 because it was no longer sustainable from a commercial standpoint.

The official site for Missing Worlds Media states that their main aim is, “To create a family-friendly game of heroes, vigilantes, mercenaries, and villains, bringing you all that you loved from previous heroic games and improving where the newest technology allows us to.”

The Phoenix Project will rely on dedicated City of Heroes fans and on a number of developers from Paragon Studios to create the new MMO, which currently lacks a launch date.

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