The Order: 1886 Out on PS4 in Fall of 2014

The impressive shooter from Ready at Dawn is coming next year

The Order 1886, one of the most interesting PS4 exclusives of next year, has received a smaller fall release period, according to a conversation between one of the game's developers from Ready at Dawn, the studio responsible for the title, and a member of the Sony Santa Monica team.

The PS4 is set to receive quite a few interesting exclusive games next year, ranging from Infamous: Second Son, to Driveclub and more.

Among them is also The Order: 1886, a third-person shooter that promises to pioneer all sorts of stunning technologies that will make its world feel and look as real as possible.

During a conversation on Twitter about the PS4, Ready at Dawn co-founder Andrea Pessino and Director of Technology at Sony Santa Monica Tim Moss confirmed that The Order: 1886 is going to launch in fall of 2014.

No other details were given, but you can expect to hear more about The Order as we enter 2014.

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