The Old Gods for Crusader Kings II Introduces Prepared Invasions, Pillaging

Gamers will get an extra 200 years to play through

The development team at Paradox Interactive is ready to offer an official trailer and some more information on the upcoming Old Gods expansion for Crusader Kings II, which will expand the timeframe of the game and give more options for pagan players.

The pagan religion focus means that players will be able to establish powerful kingdoms that reject Christianity and Islam in England, in North Africa, in the middle of Europe and in the steppes of Russia.

Rebels also get access to charismatic leaders and there are adventures for those sons who fail to get access to a landed title from their parents.

Paradox is also introducing pillaging to Crusader Kings II, allowing pagan rulers to loot and destroy the cities of those they conquer.

The Old Gods will also introduce a new user interface designed with pagan in mind.

The expansion will be launched during the second quarter of this year.

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