The Last of Us’ Tess Is Equal to Joel, a Great Negotiator

The team used actors to create a feeling of realism

Annie Wersching, the actor playing Tess in The Last of Us, has revealed some of the characteristics of the new game characters revealed by Naughty Dog.

She tells VG247 that, “Her and Joel are partners in this world, but there are certain things she’s better at and there are certain things he’s better at.”

“They work with that and use it to their advantage. She’s quite a good negotiator when it comes to making deals, and then Ellie comes into their lives. You then see things a little bit differently in terms of Ellie,” she adds.

Developer Naughty Dog has always been known for adding depth to even their most cliché ridden characters, like Nathan Drake.

The Last of Us has a post-apocalyptic setting and offers the team more opportunities to develop the three protagonists.

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