The Last of Us Out in Spring 2013, Retailer Says

Sony says everything is just speculation at this point

Large U.S. retailer Walmart has started taking reservations for the upcoming The Last of Us survival game, claiming that it's going to be released in spring of 2013.

The Last of Us is one of the big upcoming PS3 exclusive games, delivering an intense story-based survival experience that centers around two characters: Joel and Ellie.

While the game is expected next year, Sony has yet to confirm an actual release period.

Now, Walmart, via IGN, is claiming that the game will appear in spring of 2013.

Sony has commented on the report and revealed that it has yet to communicate a release date to anyone, not even retailers, so Walmart is just speculating on things it doesn't know about.

The Last of Us will receive a new trailer later this week during the 2012 Video Game Awards, so it's likely that a release date will be revealed alongside it at that time.

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