The Last of Us Delayed to June 18, According to Retail Listing

The game was originally set to arrive on the PS3 in early May

Retail listings suggest that the new Naughty Dog video game The Last of Us is being delayed to June 18 from its original May launch date, although neither the developer nor the publisher is offering any official information on it.

Best Buy seems to be sending out notices to those who have pre-ordered informing them of the delay, while Walmart is using the June 18 list on its official website.

At the same time, GameStop says that all the editions for The Last of Us will be launched on its original May 7 date.

The Last of Us will see players take command of Joel, a black market dealer in a post-apocalyptic future, who needs to protect a young girl called Ellie as they move across the United States in order to escape a totalitarian human government and hordes of zombie-like creatures.

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