The Last of Us Delayed Until June 14

The upcoming survival game won't be released this May onto the PS3

Sony and Naughty Dog have confirmed that their upcoming The Last of Us survival game won't make its initial May 7 release date, as it's just been pushed back until June 14.

The Last of Us is one of the next big PlayStation 3 exclusive titles and judging from recent videos and screenshots, the survival experience crafted by developer Naughty Dog is looking set to impress millions of PS3 owners.

Sadly, the game won't impress them on its initial release date of May 7, as Sony and Naughty Dog have just confirmed, via GameSpot, that, due to the massive scope of the game, it's going to need extra polishing time.

As such, The Last of Us has now been pushed back until June 14. At that date, the title will appear worldwide for the PlayStation 3 alongside its various special editions.

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