The Last of Us Autosave Glitch Freezes Game, Requires PS3 Reset

Players should often pause the game and save it manually

The Last of Us is out today, June 14, around the world but it seems that the survival game from Naughty Dog is affected by a pretty big glitch concerning the autosave function.

Autosave practically freezes the whole experience and requires players to reset their PlayStation 3 console to escape the bug.

The Last of Us has been eagerly awaited by millions of PS3 owners from around the world, promising to deliver a special survival experience from Naughty Dog, the studio that made other franchises like Uncharted.

Sadly, according to reports on NeoGAF, there's a pretty big glitch in the game, relating to the autosave function.

Basically, the autosave sometimes gets caught in a loop and, when players attempt to pause the game, instead of the options screen, they're treated with a big grey message saying "Autosaving, please wait."

At this point, the game stops responding and the only solution is to reset the console.

The glitch doesn't corrupt the save game file but it does set players back in the campaign, so they should constantly check the autosave state by simply pressing start and creating manual save files.

As of yet, Naughty Dog hasn't commented on the glitch.

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