The Last Guardian Still in Development, Announcement Coming Soon, Creator Says

The long-awaited game will still be supervised by Fumito Ueda

Fumito Ueda, the former leader of Sony's Team Ico, has posted a new statement concerning the ongoing The Last Guardian game, saying that it's still in development and, while he's no longer in charge formally, he retains creative supervision on the project.

Sony's Team Ico proved its talent by creating great experiences like Ico or Shadow of the Colossus and was set to once again show its skill with The Last Guardian, a PS3 exclusive that was first revealed back in 2010.

Since then, the project didn't receive any other details and it was rumored that Team Ico leader Fumito Ueda left Sony.

Now, Ueda has posted a formal statement on his personal website, confirming that, while he's now a freelance contributor on The Last Guardian, he retains creative supervision.

Sadly, he can't say anything about the actual project, as sharing details is going to be decided by Sony itself when the time is right.

Until then, Ueda will continue to contribute to The Last Guardian, while pursuing new creative projects.

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