The Hilarious “Chaos on Deponia” Adventure Game Is Out on Steam for 20% Off

The sequel to Deponia is more complex, challenging and wackier

Daedalic's sequel to the highly-acclaimed Deponia adventure game, Chaos on Deponia has just been released on Steam.

The game is now available for 20% off the original €19.99 price. The promotional offer is available until November 13. Check it out here.

Chaos on Deponia” received generally favorable reviews from critics, which is one of the reasons we recommend fans of the genre to grab this title as soon as possible.

The game tells the story of Rufus, a dude who meets Goal, a young lady whose consciousness gets split into three parts and stored to three different discs. It's on Rufus to merge all three parts of Goal and get away with her to Elysium.

More importantly, those who did not play the first installment should not worry as the second adventure on Deponia features a “self-contained story.”

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