The Future of the Xbox Focuses on the Cloud, Microsoft Says

One game, multiple devices is apparently the new strategy

Microsoft's corporate vice president in charge of the Interactive Entertainment Business (aka the Xbox division), Phil Harrison, has confirmed that the future of the Xbox brand focuses mainly on the cloud, as games should be accessible from multiple devices.

The Xbox 360 is still quite popular, but many rumors have already started making rounds about the inevitable reveal of its successor, the so-called Xbox 720.

Now, Microsoft's Phil Harrison has talked a bit about the future of the Xbox 360, confirming the general direction his division is heading.

According to him, the cloud will play a huge role in entertainment, as customers want to enjoy their games across multiple devices.

"Increasingly, the games are going to sit on the cloud," Harrison told CVG. "Instead of being device centric, they will be cloud centric."

Microsoft has already expanded the reach of its Xbox brand, as games made for the new Windows 8 operating system carry the Xbox for Windows designation.

Considering this new reveal, it's likely that the next console might feature some heavy cloud-based systems.

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