The Evil Within Might Have Online-Focused DLC

The core gameplay features might be inspired by Dark Souls

Shinji Mikami, the leader of the development team working on The Evil Within, suggests that the game might get access to downloadable content that might include a new online-focused game mode.

The Official Xbox Magazine asked the developer about his current stance on multiplayer modes and he answered, ”Yeah, maybe in DLC. I guess we can’t really get into details.”

Apparently, Dark Souls can be seen as a model, with players working directly to influence the state of the world they are interacting with.

Mikami is aiming to revive the survival horror genre with his new game, which will focus on both traditional scares and on a number of new mechanics, including shifting perspectives on the nature of reality.

The Evil Within will be launched on the PC, the PlayStation 4 from Sony and the Xbox One from Microsoft in 2014.

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