The Elder Scrolls Online Launches Mage Naming Contest

Gamers can get their name in the upcoming MMO and other prizes

All fans of the Elder Scrolls universe now have a chance to get their names in the upcoming MMO based on it as long as they are willing to take part in a competition and show off the power of their imagination.

The developers at ZeniMax Online are asking them to create the name of a Dark Elf mage character that is the protagonist of a small story.

The story and rules are available on the official site and here’s a teaser: “The young Dark Elf is trapped in a cage with his fellow Mages Guild members. The imprisoned group is plotting an escape.”

The naming contest takes place until November 21 of this year and those who want to enter need to create a first and last name, respecting conventions of the Elder Scrolls universe and without using already existing ones as inspiration.

Submission should be sent to an official address with the subject The Nameless Mage Contest.

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