The Astronauts First Game Is Not a Shooter, Revealed in 2013

The team has competencies acquired while creating Bulletstorm

The Astronauts development studio, made up of former game creators from People Can Fly, says that it will reveal its next project during the first few months of 2013 and that the project will not be a first-person shooter.

An official blog post from co-founder Adrian Chmielarz states, “The founders of The Astronauts have more than 50 years of collective experience in game development. That’s why when we said we would reveal our game this year, we knew what we were talking about.”

Apparently, The Astronauts has all the promotional material ready, but it will not release it during the holiday because many gamers are not interested in reveals and announcements at the moment.

People Can Fly is best known for its work on the innovative shooter Bulletstorm, which has encouraged players to develop and implement combos using weapons and abilities.

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