Tera: Rising Goes Free-to-Play on February 5, Gets New Video

Check out the impressive online game in action ahead of its re-release

En Masse Entertainment, the publisher of action-MMORPG Tera has confirmed that the online title will be re-released in the form of the free-to-play Tera: Rising on February 5, and also posted a special video with the upcoming experience.

Tera was released as a novel action-oriented online role-playing game last yea, which allowed players access based on a monthly subscription.

After reaching moderate success, publisher En Masse Entertainment is getting ready to re-release the game in the form of Tera: Rising, a free-to-play version of the original experience.

Now, the company has pinned an actual release date on Tera: Rising, confirming through a brand new video that the free online experience will be released tomorrow, on February 5.

At that time, anyone interested in the game will be able to try it out and play most of its content. Those who had existing subscriptions or who choose to still pay a monthly fee will get access to exclusive items and much more.

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