Telltale CEO Explains How The Walking Dead Achieved Episodic Success

The series is preparing to reveal a second season later in 2013

Dan Connors, the chief executive officer of developer Telltale Games, believes that the episodic format of its recently launched The Walking Dead greatly contributed to the success of the game.

Speaking at the DICE 2013 event, the executive explained how the company perfected the art of segmenting story and delivering emotion to the player.

The entire keynote presentation is about 20 minutes long and goes into details about the story of the game, which means those who have not finished the first season of The Walking Dead could find some spoilers.

The series has managed to get four awards at the DICE 2013 ceremony.

At the moment, the development team at Telltale Games is working on the second season of the game, which will probably arrive later during the year on the PC and home consoles.

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